Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Kashmir Burning

It is something they never thought would happen again. But just as it turned out, exactly the same happened. They said it had died its own death. But the dead rose, with vengeance, with renewed vigor. My Kashmir erupted once again. It had, in 1990 when I was six. Today, it took birth once again. The sentiment of ‘Azadi’ was reborn in Kashmir, it was.

Some weeks earlier in my Kashmir. The script read like this---- Thousands marching the streets shouting azadi slogans. Troopers opening fire on them. Killings, Injuries, Miseries. More protests, More killings, More miseries. Then came the curfew. With it the deserted streets. Hungry babies. Desperate mothers. And more sad stories. My Kashmir’s was a heartrending tale.

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Gulzar Ahmed said...

Wait for us ,, We'll be back for SURE, its just a matter of time...

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│▒ /▒/─┬─┐
☆ ▦ ☆
☆ ☆
Send it to all who really cares about our Land,,
Lets tell the whole World that we didn't forget, we are just Planning...

If I breathe. Its Kashmir oxygen
If I speak...its Kashmir language
If I's on a Kashmir shoulder
If I's for Kashmir freedom
If I promote...I promote Kashmir
If I fight. I fight with a Kashmir soul
If I make's because am Kashmir
When people say is "smart". They think Kashmiris are!
Am not perfect. But that's not a big deal
Am Pakistani. That's the real deal....

Kashmir ki Azadi tak jang rahe gi - jang rahe gi
Jiss kashmir ko khoon se seench - wo kashmir hamara hai
Pakistan se Rishta kya - La ilaha Ilila